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Walking is the best way to get the vibe. Be it any place.
Kolkata became a vast city in its 300+ years journey from a small village to a cosmopolitan city. Walking through it is a task in itself. This 14km walk along the central part of Kolkata was enchanting. Especially when we have like-minded people and a device to take a snap once in a while, is a dream come true. Kolkata gives out its vibe from every corner. From the British colonial era to post-independence growth to modern times. En route on our 14 KM journey, we witnessed many passers-by! Though they are socially different, still they are somehow connected. It's the belonging to Kolkata is common in everyone.

It is difficult to capture every photo. Sometimes it is due to the regulations or people do not want to come in front of the camera. Even some other barriers are there that we are yet to cross. But learning by watching, listening, talking is goes on to enhance the vision. The practice of seeing gets better.
It was early winter. Hope you will like it.

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