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Computer crashed - Hard Disk Error HP, Seagate

Above two words are scarier than Ghosts nowadays! Keeping backups is essential. Everyone, everywhere says that. But practically point in time backup is very hard to keep. Until and unless you have some sort of cloud backup enabled. It is a costly affair though. Especially if it relates to media e.g. photos, and videos. Maintaining these backups is costly and tricky. Tricky I mean you need to know a good amount of basics in computer to initiate the backup. Now here comes the bargain. What is costly and what is not!

It was last Sunday, it was nearing noon, and i did some photo processing work on the computer. And uploaded to my google drive for sharing purposes. After lunch, say 2/2.5 hours later i came back and wanted to start the computer. But it refused to do so. Instead, it says the hard disk is not recognized. A chill went through my spine. I sensed the fear. My mind was thinking more thoughts at the same time than it can handle!

  • What are the files that i have yet to take backup?

  • How much i need to take backup?

  • Will it ever allow me to take backup?

  • If i can somehow access the hard drive (hdd), can i copy those files at the DOS level?

  • Or i lose the entire hdd, how much i will lose?

  • Will, it threatens my life or my work, my study?

  • My child's photos are they had been backed up!!!!

Oh! My mind was flooded. It was too much! At one point i was nearly unable to breathe! The questions and the fear was choking me. Was fighting hard to come out of that!

With some deep breaths, looking at my wife's photo, I started to calm down a bit by bit! A sentence from my boss came to my mind, "at the most what happened!! No one died right! Let's fix it".

Tried HP support help, but no luck! Tried my tricks but had no luck. It was showing the same. Checked the HP portal and my warranty is already over. So i checked out a Youtube video to know how to safely open the cabinet box that holds the hdd. (I must say Youtube is a great helper nowadays. ). Learned about the issue my dad provided a lead to call my buddy for help. Oh boy, the thinking of calling him had given me some ray of hope. Now it's one week i'm patiently waiting for him, as he went to his native! In between one, my friend here in the neighborhood, he called a guy for help. My friend tried his level best. However, he didn't show up! As far as the log goes, i understand if i just buy a new sata hdd and cable, the computer will start working. But this is a crucial phase of my life. I'm anticipating a huge expense in the coming days. So cannot afford that new hdd. I know it is costing my time for my tests. But this is the bargain that i have settled upon. Patience!

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