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The Waiting Game

This picture always reminds me the power of waiting for the right moment. It was a scorching hot and sunny day on Neil Island, India. Neil island simply is a paradise for nature lovers. I can spend a year to explore, relish, capture the beauty it offers. For me this was the first time so close to marine life. The abundance of beauty, the abundance of different life forms made me crazy. 

The coral reef is full of different forms of life and colour. Yet they have the power to calm our minds.

Coming back to the picture. Was trying to capture the scene with this fish along with a feeling of seeing from out side of it's habitat. The water was soo clear that whenever capturing this fish, it looked like the image is taken under water or there is no water. But it was difficult to separate the water from it. I wanted show the perspective, and without water in it, it is difficult. Struggling to get the feeling of the water surface was soo difficult. So decided to wait for sometime, some more time. And eventually when i was about to pull the plug, i stayed little longer. And bang! Go this..... this precious moment when the surface briefly revealed itself in the frame made my day!

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