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An independent photographer, currently based out of Kolkata, India. My Journey from a boy to a late teenager was in the lap of Mighty Himalaya, India. It made me get closer to vastness and wilderness. The mountains are always within me. I grew up and came to Kolkata, that was the first time when I didn't see any glimpse of mountain in any of the four 

corners, I felt hollow from within, with moisture in my eyes. As time passes on, stories grew within. It's my little stories that are my inspirations and my treasure too. Eventually, I found that conversations are much easier through photographs.

So this is my window. You shall find me here.
And if you find something off you in these, then write here. 

I shall be glad to hear YOUR story too.



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rest of my stories @ Adda blog

a special thanks to Saptarshi Chakraborty and Debapriya Moulik for helping me in this.

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