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Finally the Start...

The day, the time & the moment are very precious when we make our first move to start anything new.

The freshness, the butterfly in the stomach, are some of the best feelings of life. How often we learn, create new things! Very rarely, right! So whenever you get such a moment, grab it and enjoy it! Also share it.

Had a long dream of creating a website. Because a website is just like our own house, we can design it, alter it, change it etc. to a completely new setup. Nothing is stopping us to do that. It’s our very own thing. And finally it's here. Kudos to Saptarshi Chakraborty. Now here is a funny part. One of my best friend and my mentor, both owns the same name and even the surname. Both have played a role here. My mentor Saptarshi Chakraborty guided and pushed me to work on my dream. Since I started the learning journey of Photography & related art. He was emphasizing me to publish my work.

I used to think a lot of things, I still do! And eventually, it stopped me to finally go and publish. The stop mostly came you know for my lethargy. However, during our sessions, I learned that nothing reaches its destination until it gets started! But more than the destination I want to enjoy this journey. And finally started it during one of the toughest the year 2020.

Thanks to my friend Saptarshi Chakraborty, for helping me with the language part. :)

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