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In any field mentor or guru is the like the north star. You just keep your heart devoted and dedicated to his/her teaching. It will definitely guide you to higher dimensions. Without mentor or guru is like walking like a drunk. Not knowing the whereabouts of the way.

"My name is Saptarshi Chakraborty",when i first heard the name during our conversation. It gave a certain kind of shivering in me. I can't explain that. One reason may be as it resembles with my friends name. And second, something, someone inside me told me that i might got it. My north light. He is a mentor and i'm fortunate to be associated with him for nearly one and galf years now. And it changed my perspective towards photography,life and what not! More @
The below image is very special to me. Saptarshi Da, was placing the idol for us to picture it. This is one aspect of my mentor.

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